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 Privacy Policy – wemo light switch 

Much thanks to you for vis­it­ing my web­site wemo light switch. This page lets you know how I utilize per­sonal in­form­a­tion col­lec­ted here. It would be ideal if you read this pri­vacy arrangement be­fore utilizing the site or sub­mit­ting any per­sonal in­form­a­tion. By utilizing the site, you accept the practices described in this pri­vacy approach.

 No utilization of treats and following 

My web­site does not utilize any cook­ies and does not track you at all. I re­spect the pri­vacy of my vis­it­ors, and neither I nor any outsiders monitor your activ­ity on this web­site (note, in any case, that outsider ser­vices utilized by the web­site, for example, Dis­qus for com­ments, may utilize their own track­ing cook­ies to permit you to sign in and in­ter­act with the web­site).

I may oc­ca­sion­ally (once in a couple of months) run an ex­per­i­ment that al­lows me to better understand how my vis­it­ors utilize this web­site and, con­sequently, make im­prove­ments to it. Such an ex­per­i­ment re­quires set­ting up track­ing cook­ies for a brief timeframe, which are com­pletely an­onym­ous, and all information re­lated to your visit are de­leted after the ex­per­i­ment has fin­ished.

 Amazon Associates Program 

This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. That is to say, in particularity, that in the event that you fol­low a connection to or some other national version of Amazon website and afterward purchase anything inside 24 hours, I will receive a little percentage of what you pay to Amazon (however your cost will stay exactly the same).

The connections to Amazon on this web­site are generally connections to Wemo light Switch accessories. When you purchase Wemo light Switch on Amazon, a sig­ni­fic­ant por­tion of what you pay goes dir­ectly to Amazon instead of me. By buy­ing Wemo light Switch inside 24 hours of click­ing on a connection to Amazon here, you make a piece of Amazon’s roy­alty offer backpedal to me.

 Gathering of individual data 

I just col­lect personally identifiable in­form­a­tion, for example, names or email ad­dresses, when voluntarily submitted by my visitors. This in­form­a­tion is just used to ful­fil your specific re­quest (e.g. purchasing my books or signing up to my newsletters). I never impart any in­form­a­tion to outsiders, un­less re­quired by the law.