WeMo Wireless Light Control Switch Review

 WeMo Wireless Light Control Switch Review Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars  

WeMo Wireless Light Control Switch is the best smart light switch that is used for manage  lights, ceiling fans and small apparatus from anyplace by using your phone or tablet. You will feel that controlling the electronics devices or appliances at staying your home when you are outside the home. The best wifi light switch includes and operating system extent within 100 feet and doesn’t require a hub. WeMo the best smart light switch comes with various types of features like those. In this article, I will give you a complete review about this product. So let’s know more about WeMo Wireless Light Control Switch.

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 Features of WeMo Light Switch 

  1. WeMo is the best Switch that attach with Amazon Echo for control your lights, ceiling fans using voice authorization.
  2. It also attach with Nest Thermostat. Therefore, you are capable to turn on or off when you are outside of your house according to your own wishes.
  3. It works with different types of smartphones (Support Android 4.1 and higher, iOS 8 and higher) and tablet.
  4. You can install this easily and this wifi controlled light switch seamlessly integrated with your old fashioned wall light switch.
  5. Don’t recommended for use with the metal faceplate.
  6. You need to download the free app from the app store or Google Play Store and after installation; you are capable to control your lights, ceiling fan and small apparatus from anyplace in the world using your Smartphone. No need to any hub or subscription for this.
  7. Don’t need to come at dark home. Just need to set the time of light to turn on before coming home.
  8. You are capable to turn on/off your switches from your workplace, the beach or the backyard using your home wifi network and free WeMo app.
  9. Electrical rating of WeMo is 120V/ 15A / 60Hz / 1800W.
  10. You need to neutral wire and 24 hours WeMo support is available.

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 Details and Highlights 


  • Item dimensions is 1 x 3.3 x 2.1 inches.
  • Products weights are 4 ounces.
  • Shipped within the US
  • Shipped to selected countries outside the US
  • Shipping weight is 4 ounces.
  • Product model is F7C030


  • WeMo smart switch has no minimum wattage. It adjust with all types of lighting such as incandescent, Halogen, LED bulbs, CFL and more.
  • Easily Instable and WeMo light switch replace by with your old wall light switch and adjust with any one-way connection light.
  • WeMo switch run with Amazon Echo for control your lights, fans with your voice direction.
  • The Best switch also run with Nest Thermostat. So you can turn on/off if you are outside from your
  • It works with different types of smart phones (Android 1 or higher, iOS 8 or higher) and tablet.
  • WeMo lights switch is adjustable with a range of controlling devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and more.
  • These best smart light switch that is uses for control your lights and small electric machinery from anyplace by using your phone & You can also control it remotely.
  • WeMo switch provides pleasant look and design with chunky button.
  • Includes dark backlight and small lights to indicate when it is connected to your home wifi. When wifi will disconnect then use it as a normal light switch.
  • WeMo lights switch provides energy readings. It can help you to see on how much power you are using and tune the settings to reduce usage.

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WeMo Wireless Light -Control Switch-wemolightswitch

  • Neutral wire needs to work and it adjustable with one-way wiring systems. Three-way connections are not works for home use.
  • WeMo lights switch is not work on the light that is manage by 2 switches that means it cannot work with two switch lights.
  • Always needs frequent firmware updates. Some user disturbs about slow updating and trouble with wifi connections.

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 Frequently Ask and Questions 

Question 1:  Is it includes dim lights?

Answer:  No, the WeMo Wireless Light Control Switch has no dimming feature.

Question 2:  Is it possible to replace one of these with two toggles WeMo light switch?

Answer:  Yes, you are capable to replace one of these with two toggle switch. But you should buy a special faceplate.

Question 3:  Do we need to subscribe any service?

Answer:  No need to any service is necessary and WeMo apps are free.

Question 4: Have a kitchen light that is regulate by three switches?

Answer: Wemo Switch only work on a single pole light switch. This device is not compitable with more than one switch.

Question 5:  Does the internet access will needed to work correctly?

Answer:  The WeMo switch capable to work on its own and no need for certain internet access.

Question 6:  Can this WeMo switch control a fan?

Answer:  Yes, it can control the ceiling fan, and regulate the speed which generally adjusted by a pull chain.

Question 7:  Does this switch can be set to test, whether a individual Smartphone is in the proximity sensor and turn off the switch when the phone give up the area?

Answer: Yes, you are capable to do that by integrating the light switch with IFTTT.

Question 8:  Can I add a second WeMo so inclination off my TV doesn’t turn off my lights and vice versa?

Answer: Yes, you can. One switch of WeMo allows you to control each device separately. They all show up in the WeMo app with an off button for per switch. Echo can also control each one by the name you assign to it.

 Last Words: 

At the end of these articles we can say that the WeMo switch is a best smart light switch that puts controof your household lights, ceiling fans just using your home wifi. So you don’t need to come home in darkness. It alos works with Alexa and Nest.  Don’t miss the chance to buy this WeMo best wifi light switch.


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