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 Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars 

 Description : 

The Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller is mainly a souped up board for your home that replaces a regular light-weight switch. It comes with a touch screen which is 4.3 inches, two digital switches, and an extensive collection or summary of sensors. It operates on its owned, or in combination with the $50 Wink Hub that adds harmony with a lot of protocols or functions whatever we say. In some easy words, this is the best smart light switch

Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller-wemolightswitch

 Features : 

  • 3″ electrical phenomenon multi-touch screen provides a way to all your smart commodities via the Wink app.
  • Double smart light switches can be customized or changed due to a preference for turning lights, scenes, or other smart products on or off.
  • Temperature, moisture, and proximity sensors put even more information on your finger.
  • Microphone and speaker for intercom functionality which is for future and Substitutes most single or double light buttons.
  • There are an electro-acoustic transducer and speaker for communication system practicality which Includes wire connectors. Also includes paneling, wire stripper, screwdriver, screws, wall snaps, and user manual.
  • This beauty also runs a custom version of the automaton and also the Wink App.

These features conclude that this is the best wifi light switch.

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 Pros : 

Once I powered It through electricity, the remainder was painless. It mounts to the wall with some easy clips (included). Also the computer code setup method was clean and easy. All I had left to do was just to connect it to our wireless local area network, login with my Wink account, and every one of my Wink connected gadgets, each was able to prepare to be used.


  • This Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller is definitely a lovely gadget. Its elegant lines and sleek end look right reception in an exceedingly trendy.
  • The structure of the unit itself is innocent. Also the shiny plastic (with a white end background) is particularly appealing. It positively passes the “wife take a look at,” as Lauren and that I have stopped many times as we tend to walk by simply to admire the look.
  • I’ve conjointly enjoyed the proximity sensing element that activates the screen whenever somebody is near. It’s nice to own a frequent reminder of the time and temperature, and an easy faucet brings up the remainder of the Wink interface. I’d like it if the Wink team additionally customize it to the standby screen within the future, would be a great experience for the user (like family photos, extra notifications, etc.).
  • The two physical buttons on the panel are programmable. However, that will operate sort of a typical light-weight switch by default (press once to show on, press twice to show off). They’re a trifle mushy on the press (and I want they’d be a trifle additional tactile feedback). However, they are doing the task perfectly fine. And now I can state that this is the best smart light switch available in the market for sure.

 Buy Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller on Amazon 

 Cons : 

I will not lie. I will be honest. Putting in the Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller was a little daunting. Opening the box and the unit and reading the installation directions, the Relay truly has a very strict set of tips for wherever everything should installed properly.

Wink Relay Smart-Home Wall Controller

  • It can use with none other than copper or copper-clad wires.
  • It will entirely put an exceedingly lightweight load gang box (a gang box that controls lights only).
  • It non other than employes in one or double gang box. Shouldn’t be installed in an exceedingly multi-gang box unit.
  • It will solely be employed in one or double gang box wherever a neutral wire is instant or available.
  • It solely replaces single or double lightweight switches not wired to AN AC outlet.
  • If you have got a twin Band router, the Relay will solely hook up with the two.The 4ghz band from that router.
  • It’ll solely hook up with WPA and WPA2 security coding. WEP wil not support.

That’s a fairly hardcore list of restrictions. That solely left the user with two spots to put in it in our current home (for testing). The user will need to add a couple of gang boxes in our new place simply to complete the Relay’s fastidious set of rules.

As for the particular installation, it took American state a jiffy to work out what a user should be doing actually. I had to scan au courant wiring. That terribly cautiously set the panel up with the provided tools (all of that worked fine). If you’re like American state (not Associate in a Nursing lineman or expert, as recommended. The directions most likely won’t provide abundant help. In one word the user manual is not sufficient to set up manually by yourself. You will need the help of an expert.

 Buy Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller on Amazon 


Wink-Relay Smart Home Wall Controller


Answer: One doesn’t would like the Wink Hub for Relay to figure. The Relay can replay all of your ZigBee “hubs” the explanation you’d still would like a wink hub is that if area exploitation any merchandise that are running Z-Wave. Since Relay solely has Bluetooth / WiFi / Zigbee it cannot manage Z-wave merchandise on its own. Since the massive players within the trade area unit all going towards ZigBee that selection, they created that as having multiple standards within the product would have compromised the shape issue and also the worth purpose. If you’re solely running zigbee things then, there’s no need to have another hub around.

 Question : Looking to exchange 2 dimmer switches next to every different on a wall. Will this function both?

Answer: No, the Relay buttons are often programmed to be On/Off switches for wired or wireless light-weight bulbs. Or to activate a Wink crosscut. They’re not Dimmers and are not programmable to dim lights as of however. If you wish a dimmer switch, I think Leviton makes some nice Z-Wave ones that ought to work nicely with the Wink Hub and Wink system.

 Question : The most reason I would like all this, and therefore I can somehow link all the sunshine switches that manage the outside lights. Can you cluster lights together?

Answer: Yes AND No. I even have communications protocol bulbs, Hue bulbs, and Lutron switches. The communications protocol bulbs and the Wink Relay sorts the Lutron switches. They can’t sort the Hue Bulbs, intercalary to the golem, or intercalary to shortcuts.

 Question : Will the wink relay dim my conventional semiconductor diode recessed lights by simply replacement the present dimmer switch with the “Wink Relay”?

Answer: Wink Relay doesn’t give a dimming operate, while not the acquisition of a GE Link connected semiconductor diode bulb or installation of a Lutron/Leviton connected dimmer


After reading the article above, you must be thinking this device is much complicated than you. Or much smarter than you to understand. Then you are wrong. Installing the device could be a little harder. So that you might need a little help of an expert and that is not a rare thing. Before thinking this thing, just think once, how helpful this device will be in your life and how much ease will your life be after buying this. After answering this, I am sure that you will buying Wink Relay the best wifi light Switch .


wemolightswitch-best wifi light switch

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